August 02-04 , 2016
Loisir Hotel, Okinawa, Japan

ISLLLE aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and educators with interests in language, linguistics, literature, and education at all levels from around the world. The theme of the International Symposium on Language, Linguistics, Literature and Education is designed to attract all research communities to promote connections between theory and practice, and to explore different perspectives on the application of research findings into practice.

We welcome both local regional and worldwide scholars, professors,  and prospective teachers to Okinawa, Japan. The overarching theme of this annual conference reflects important trends and issues on language, linguistics, literature, and education. With inclusive support and recognition from its attendees, this conference will take effort in keeping its quality and making contribution to the field of language and education.

Keynote Speech
Topic: Creativity, Collaborative Autonomy, and Innovation in Education

Stacey Vye

Associate Professor
Center for English Education and Development
Saitama University


All too often in academia, teacher/researchers can be isolated in their environments because support and faculty development are not readily available. Moreover, in such situations, these teachers/researchers may also experience fear of repercussion if they do not complete large undertakings in a well-timed manor. This feeling of being under continuous pressure leads to a fear of failing, which can undermine the creative force that is essential for innovative learning environments. Therefore, in this workshop, participants will explore ways of developing and sustaining collaborative autonomous support groups where creativity and innovation can flourish for effective change in a variety of academic settings.

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